Legacy Academy Franchise


Are you interested of being a part of the Legacy Academy Franchise?

Legacy Academy values the importance of education as well as providing support to families and children. As a Legacy Academy Franchisee you will be able to work on building up a child care franchise. Managing a franchise is perfect for those with good business skills and an aspiration to follow an established foundation.

What is Legacy Academy for Children?

Legacy Academy for Children was established with a mission in mind. That mission is to lay the foundation for supporting children and continuing the legacy of families.

Their mission statement is "the perfect beginning for your legacy" which emphasizes their passion for helping establish a solid beginning for children. Legacy Academy focuses on supplying top notch education facilities for children which leave parents with the utmost confidence in their children's future. The Legacy Academy Franchise is monitored carefully by Legacy Academy, Inc. who supports the same mission.

Legacy Academy for Children operates with their own copyrighted curriculum that is implemented in all of their franchisees. Each Legacy Academy Franchise is required to employ a curriculum coordinator who is constantly on location.

A curriculum coordinator is there to monitor while ensuring the established curriculum is being properly applied in each classroom. The mission of Legacy Academy for Children is to encourage the success of a family's legacy which can be fostered in children.

They seek to empower and create an environment that places learning at the forefront of the classroom experience. With each encouraging lesson towards children there is also continuous support towards staff.

What to Expect When Starting a Legacy Academy Franchise

The franchising Legacy Academy, Inc. sells, is at a minimum of $185,000 an investment plus operating capital.

For each franchise there are background, reference, and record checks that are required in order to manage a Legacy Academy Franchise. Business and educational experiences are required if interested in taking on a Legacy Academy Franchise. There is an emphasis on the value of teamwork and commitment to focusing on quality childcare.

If you decide on investing in the Legacy Academy Franchise you will be supported all the way. Legacy Academy, Inc. assists in providing guidance during the process of creating an environment that continues the legacy through early childhood development.

They require all franchisees to submit their establishment for accreditation towards the NAEYC by their third anniversary. This promotes an environment that is consistently striving to nurture and encourage their children and families.

The NAEYC, also known as the National Association for the Education of Young Children, is widely recognized as the forefront of early childhood care in the United States. Each Legacy Academy Franchise promotes an environment that positively supports cognitive, physical, social, and emotional growth within each child.

Legacy Academy for Children believes that with the positive surroundings each child is exposed to will positively impact communities. The children that are supported through this establishment will lead with great success and continue the legacy of learning since 1998.