La Michoacana Franchise

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La Michoacana is a thriving chain of Mexican ice cream parlors that has its presence in more than fifteen thousand locations in Mexico and abroad. The company has been in the United States as a franchise for over 25 years.

If you want to start a La Michoacana franchise, you may have a challenging time doing so. Opportunities are limited and there are strict regulations and standards to abide by. This guide will enlighten you on what you should know before getting started with the La Michoacana franchise.

Limited Franchising Opportunities

If you are looking to open a La Michoacana franchise, you may be disappointed to learn that they are currently not offering franchise opportunities.

However, that does not mean the opportunity hasn't been available in the past or that it won't be available in the future. One of their websites states that opportunities are "coming soon" - meaning you may very well have a chance to in the future, but no date has been set for when it will be available.

While you may not be able to open your own La Michoacana franchise right now, there are many other chains with franchising opportunities that you can explore. Just take a look at our list of the 10 Most Profitable Franchises and the Top 25 Franchises to Own for some ideas.

Brand and Product Standards

As with other restaurant franchises, if you are able to open a franchise with La Michoacana, you will need to hold to the brand's standards of quality, maintaining their flavor and level of service.

La Michoacana has a reputation for being a high quality ice cream parlor chain. With far fewer locations than other larger restaurant chains, it becomes that much more important to ensure your franchise represents the brand and maintains their image, which helps to ensure the success of the chain.

One of the key products La Michoacana sells are paletas, which are Mexican frozen popsicles that are made from fresh fruit or creamy ingredients. You will be required to offer the same products and quality at their standardized prices.

La Michoacana Franchise Cost

When it comes to the cost, the initial cost of investment needed by the La Michoacana franchise ranges from $90,000 to $400,000. The cost of franchising is exclusive of other expenses like payment of employees, and rent paid, advertisement costs, and machinery used.

La Michoacana charges a franchise fee, however, the details are something you will need to inquire about.


The La Michoacana franchise is a lucrative business with a promising future, if you can manage to get in on this limited franchise opportunity.


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