UPS Store Franchise Cost

If you are wondering how much is a UPS Store franchise cost, then you’ve landed on the right page. Established in 1980, UPS Store started franchising the same year that it launched and currently has about 5,270 functional units across the country and beyond.

The headquarters of this business are in San Diego, California and this guide is here to help you understand how much a UPS Store franchise cost. Here, we’ll look at the lowest and highest amounts possible that you can expect to pay when opening a UPS Store franchise.

The amounts will vary depending on location and several other factors. Read on to find out more.

1. The Initial Franchise Fee

The initial franchise is a must-pay amount and it’s the one that qualifies you to start using the UPS Store brand name for running your business. The amount you can expect to pay for the UPS Store franchise fee ranges between $9,950 - $29,950.

2. Opening Marketing Plan Fee

Ranging between $4,000 - $7,500, the initial marketing plan fee is the amount that will help your business get the recognition it needs from the target audience.

3. The Design Fee

For the design, the figures aren’t that high and you can pay a total of $1,075 depending on the kind of designs you want.

4. Center Development Fee

As for center development fees, the total costs can amount to about $5,000.

5. Opening Training Fees

The initial training experience is highly essential when opening any franchise. And for this experience, the UPS Store’s initial training fees range between $4,650 - $6,800.

6. Living and Traveling Expenses

These expenses are usually charged per person and can cost you from $3,000 - $4,000.

7. Security Deposit and Site Rent

When it comes to the security deposit and site rent, expect to pay figures from $1,000 - $18,000.

8. Leasehold Improvements

These costs also include furniture, décor, signage, and construction costs as well. Here, the expected total amounts range from $51,070 - $228,872.

9. Freight, Computer Hardware and Installation Fees

For these to be well set up and start functioning, you can pay from $5,927 - $10,595.

10. Locker Fixture(s)

The locker fixtures are optional and can cost you about $12,500 or higher if you decide to have them installed.

11. Digital Media

For digital media services, the expected totals can amount to $5,970.

12. Technology Development and Support Expenses

To keep your UPS Store franchise efficiently running, these expenses are necessary. Usually charged annually, the tech development and support fees range between $1,994 - $2,052.

13. Start-up Supplies

You can expect to spend around $6,180 - $9,155 for supplies to get started.

14. Software

The cost for the software that you need is around $5,489.

15. Printer Lease

The cost to lease the printers you will need will be around $1,059 - $3,474.

16. Other Equipment

You can expect to pay some amount for other equipment. Depending on what equipment you choose, it will probably cost somewhere between $8,499 and $32,246.

17. Utility Deposits

Your utility deposit costs will likely be around $200 to $3,000.

18. Insurance

The cost for insurance will vary but is typically between $1,000 and $5,000.

19. Additional Funds, Up to 3 Months

To ensure your franchise has enough funding to operate over the first 3 months, you should expect to need and addition $40,000 to $70,000.

In total, the estimated UPS Store franchise cost can range between $150,043 - $474,193.